Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sweet BBQ Boneless Chicken Wings

What to make on a football night?

This recipe was an experiment today but we all loved it so I'm sharing it on here so we don't forget. Plus, it was easy. I am all about easy when it comes to a football night since I would rather watch the game then cook and clean up.  I have to mention again we made this recipe up so you will need to adjust the measurements to your taste. We like sweet but if you don't like really sweet try adjusting the sugar. I also have to mention it tastes better than it looks since boneless chicken thighs aren't the most attractive of chicken pieces. ; )


2.7lb bag of Boneless Skinless Chicken Thigh Strips - if they are frozen you will need to thaw them under hot water
1/2 Cup or to taste cup of your favorite Honey BBQ sauce
1/2 Cup or to taste brown sugar
Garlic Salt or fresh ground garlic
Mrs. Dash all season to taste
Olive oil
A couple of tablespoons of water


1. Mix the chicken and the Honey BBQ sauce in a pan with an edge. Put in the oven at 350.
2. In a microwave bowl mix the brown sugar and all the rest of the ingredients. Put in Microwave until melted (1-2 minutes).
3. After about 15 minutes of letting the chicken thighs cook with just the BBQ sauce add the brown sugar mix and raise the temperature to about 400. While cooking periodically mix it or turn the chicken in the pan.
4. Cook until the chicken looks brown about 30-45 minutes total.
5. Serve over plain white rice or jasmine rice.
6. Be sure to serve with lots of napkins. It's finger licking good!


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