Sunday, April 19, 2009

Battle of the Eggs

During our the Greek Orthodox Easter celebration it is tradition to make red eggs. The eggs are hard boiled and then dyed red. The red color is symbolic of the blood of Christ. 

It is also tradition for the Greek youth (pedia in Greek) to play the red egg game. 
Watch the video to see how it is played.

The first person to crack their opponent's egg wins. As you can see my boys enjoy the battle of the eggs and they battle round after round against each other. The house rule is you have to eat the egg if you play.

1 Package of Rit Dye Powder
  (Scarlett) - they sell red dye in the Mediterranean stores but I don't have one close by so we use RIT instead, and it works great. It can be tricky to get them to turn red and not pink so be sure to follow the directions below.
2 doz. eggs

1. Put the eggs, if they are coming out of the fridge, in warm water
2. In the meantime boil water with about half of the RIT package and about 2 tablespoons of vinegar
3. Boil the eggs in the RIT vinegar mix for 10 minutes
4. Take out the eggs and put them in cold water
5. Let them dry on a newspaper
6. When they are completely dry use a little olive oil and a rag to make them shine


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